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     Your website is the most important part of the new media marketing. It is the focal point for all of your marketing efforts. Email should point to a landing page on the site, mobile apps should point to the site as well. Even direct mail and printed media should send customers to your site for something special or interesting.

The site should have a place to showcase and link to social media, it needs to have fresh, interesting content in order to keep your customers engaged. Your website may be the first impression a customer gets, it should be impressive.


    Also remember that your website is where you can interact with with your customer, maybe for the first time. The style of the site must match the look of the logo and must be consistent with the look and feel of the company.

Think about the sites that are most popular like or yahoo or excite.


    They provide you with a reason to return. They have compelling content. When you go to Amazon, you can easily find what you are looking for, look at reviews from both critics and customers, or even review a book yourself. In addition, they recommend other books in the same areas of interest.


Here are some simple steps that make a great web site


  • Identify the Goals of Your Website
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Create a List of Content That you both
  • Achieve Your Goals, and Be of Interest to Your Audience.