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      At modern Media Now we are always looking for the latest technology to help your business marketing in the new digital age. But don't forget that traditional marketing techniques also build your business. Unlike some of our competitors who were web designers that needed to supplement their business, we have graphic arts backgrounds. We help your business bridge the new and the old media. The market is more fragmented than ever and unlike our competitors, we realize that not everyone spends 18 hours per day in front of a computer or on a cellphone. We also have print and direct mail programs that can help you reach the demographic you may be looking for. We publish the Albemarle Tradewinds Magazine, create ads and flyers for the Albemarle Trading Post and other companies that realize the potential of traditional print. We also produce video commercials that include interactive players for a call to action of your product. There is even more on the way!


So give us a call - we can discuss your business and deliver a product to get you noticed!


Ken Morgan 252-333-7232