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Case #1


Feel Better Hypnosis.


Sidney King came to us because he needed new branding and website for his business. His current advertising was not working and he knew he needed something modern to attract his customers. He was in the process of working with another logo designer when he ran across Scott Perry from the Albemarle Trading Post. Scott reccommended that Sidney come in and talk to us about what he was looking for in his brand. Sidney felt that his new logo just did not fit his business, but really did not know what to do because the printer was pushing for their design on all of his business cards and advertising. We consulted with Sidney and realized that what the current designer was pushing was the designers idea of hypnosis, not what Feel Better Hypnosis was trying to relate to its customers. We designed a new logo for Sidney, he was happy with it and had all his cards and advertising artwork changed to the new logo.


So what did we do different than the other designers and why did he choose our design?




We listened to our customer and what message he wanted his customers to get from his brands appearance.


The other designer had a belief that hypnosis was something weird and mysterious. Instead of listening to the customer, they let their own beliefs in hypnosis show in their logo design.


Sidney wanted Feel Better Hypnosis to give the customer the feeling that hypnosis would help them with whatever problem they wanted to overcome, smoking, weight loss, fears, etc. Therefore to feel better by finally overcoming their problems with the help of hypnosis.


We designed a very simple, happy logo based on an interview of the message that Sidney wanted his business to be percieved as by his customers.


When he first saw it, he said "That's it! That's what I was looking for!".


Let us design a logo for your business, it is never too late to brand your business the way you always wanted, not the way someone else wants it to be for you.







 Before                -          After



A quick note about your logo.


All logo's are a flat fee of $100.

Seems like a lot?

We spend about four hours average on each logo project.

Which comes out to $25 per hour - really a pretty good deal especially after you consider that the logo is yours from now on.

We send it to you, and don't monkey around in getting it into your hands. It is a logo, not a magical ring.

After all, it is yours, you paid for it, why should you not have a copy.


Also, it will be in a vector format, which means you can send it to a sign printer and they can blow it up and put it on the side of a bus, it will still look good. Not like some other folks who send you a jpeg that can't scale up.


And last but not least, you don't pay us until you take delivery of the logo. We want you to be happy, not forced to take something you don't want.